• Emily Cox

Welcome, Spring

We have officially entered the next season, marking the end of the cold and dreary as we turn our faces towards the sun’s warmth. This time of year is always full of “re-“ words that perfectly illustrate the beautiful elements of the season. It is refreshing, reinvigorating, relaxing. As much as I enjoy being bundled up and (fingers crossed) watching it snow, the promise of growth and revitalization wakes me up from my core. It inspires and reminds me that I need to DO something.

So with that little, insistent nudge, I’ll soon start my version of spring cleaning - opening windows for fresh air, clearing out some lesser used drawers, eventually switching out and editing seasonal clothes. It’s a whole process; informally conducted twice a year. Maybe it sounds daunting or like drudgery, but really it’s so perfectly aligns with what spring is - a renewal of life and a reset for our environment.

This year, Spring will bring even more growth as I launch the shop. I am experiencing a mixture of feelings - anxious, eager, worried, proud…and so many more. All similar to those felt on the eve of any big transition; acknowledging that I am not the first, or only. Soon I’ll join a wonderful list of shopkeepers (albeit in a very small way) which sounds like a very interesting group.

I hope this season brings a fresh breath of life to you and yours. May we all listen (at least a little) to that internal nudge and reinvigorate ourselves in some small way.



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