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Thoughts on International Women's Day and RM Beginnings

I'm a bit late to the game in celebrating International Women's Day 2022. Honestly, I'm a bit late to the "posting game" in general when it comes to catching on to most events, non-major holidays, and life celebrations. As I was reading through some of the wonderful words and posts yesterday, I kept thinking about how each message resonated with me. Each highlighting the incredible strength and vulnerability that women live with. We break glass ceilings, we birth children, we hold the world together. We're pretty incredible.

The skill of sharing one's thoughts and experiences is one I'm just now developing, so bear with me. But, if I learned one thing from all of those posts yesterday, it is the reiteration of "[women] can do hard things" (as stated by Glennon Doyle)...and it can be worth putting yourself out there.

So, here we are with my own first post on behalf of Richmond Mercantile! Piggybacking off the IWD essence of celebrating women and their achievements, I wanted to highlight my perspective as I developed this shop. If you don't know, Richmond Mercantile is a small woman-owned business based in Richmond, VA. I started this shop as a creative outlet for myself, but also to be a resource to others like me - those that want a central, curated place to find simple, beautiful, useful things without feeling too trendy. A place to find quality self-care items, skincare products without worrying ingredients, and unique indulgences you might not find elsewhere; things that will make great gifts and actually be used (hence the open-ended toys).

I want our products to be thoughtfully curated, but also thoughtfully purchased. Not always the quick sell, but hopefully the things that last in your home for a long, long time.

It's hard to start this while also "doing life". Being a mom of two young children means that my non-work time is filled with laughter, tears, play, and physical exhaustion. Having a full-time day job means "my time" is stretched thin. I don't say this to complain - just to illustrate the humble beginnings of the shop.

I'm focusing on organic growth and being open-minded with where this will go. As a goal-oriented person, I do have certain expectations for myself, but I'm working to temper my eagerness for the sake of sanity (and sleep).

There is a lot to learn and a lot of growth to work through which is the exciting part of a new venture. But, again, women can do amazing and hard things.

Thanks for being here.



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