\ ˈmər-kən-tī(-ə)l \     of or relating to merchants or trading

Richmond Mercantile is a woman-owned small business based in Richmond, VA. We are your single source for a curated selection of quality home décor, self-care products, and children's goods. . We prioritize beautiful, quality, and eco-friendly products to ensure that our items stand the test of time. 

For Richmond, VA locals, we offer drop-off for immediate gratification (or last-minute gifting). 

Image by Salomé Guruli

What do we offer?

We provide quality goods focused on:


We provide beautiful objects for the home to enhance your environment with heirloom-quality items. Our homes are our safe space where we can express our individuality and focus on what's important. Whether it is a cozy merino throw or a wood-turned candlestick, we have an ever-growing and continuously edited collection of items for your home.


We offer a curated selection of quality, small-batch products that elevate (much-needed) self-care. Life gets busy and we want it to be easy to find moments of respite for yourself or others by ensuring these items are simple, effective, and free of unnecessary ingredients. 


What is childhood without play? We offer beautiful children's toys that inspire creativity and support open-ended play. We love Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, and nature play concepts and reinforce that children need ample opportunity to use their imagination.


Who are we?

Richmond Mercantile is a passion project of Richmond (VA) local, Emily Cox. As a working mom of two little ones, online shopping is a necessity. But sometimes it is just as time-consuming to go through a broad selection amongst multiple sites to find just the right thing; plus, immediate gratification can't be beat. Emily wanted to curate an online shop that focused on the three things that she spends her time searching for - unique, quality goods that beautify her home and makes for thoughtful gifts, things that help us all find calm in this crazy world, and things that bring her children joy. 

Richmond Mercantile is a resource for anyone overwhelmed with options - those  who are searching for that special gift, the extra piece or unexpected need in their home, or something just for fun.


If there's anything you think Richmond is missing and would fit with our shop style (maybe you're a maker?), please reach out at